Dermalogica Skin Treatments




A skin care system researched and developed by the international dermal institute. Dermalogica is the number 1 choice of skin care professional and consumers worldwide. Enjoy a truly luxurious professional skin treatments with dermalogica products with each treatment being tailored made to each individual.

Microzone Treatment

This facial target a specific skin concern with rapid result. Often times, you want a quick targeted solution to an immediate skin care concern such as breakout, tired eyes or dull lacklustre skin.

30 min…………………..£20

Power Regeneration multi vitamin facial treatment (age smart)

A customised skin treatment for ageing, sun damaged and dry skin. Ideal for aging skin that need nourishment, Regeneration and energizing ‘

60 min…………………….£55

Power regeneration treatment + facial

90 min……………………£75

Sensitive skin treatment

If your skin looking red, inflamed, itchy then this is the treatment for you. A super soothing Ultra Calming treatment that brings relief from red, irritated, reactive and sensitized skin that calms soothes and replenishes the most aggravated skin.

60 min………………………£55

Prescriptive face treatment

A customised facial to address any of your skin need. This treatment will be unique to each individual by using dermalogica’s unique botanical mixers throughout the step by step process to provide benefits of the client’s skin concern. Treatment is tailored to your skin exact need to rejuvenate and refresh your complexion as its customised at every step by the expert skin therapist. ( included neck& shoulder massage and scalp massage)

80 min………………………£85

Book 6 facials…….£480

Dermalogica Teenage Facial

Dermalogica ClearStart Facial is perfect for Teenagers. An Exfoliation is carried out to remove any dead cells which may be blocking your pores and extractions are done to help clear congestion. A masque is then applied which is customized depending on what your skin needs are. This is a excellent treatment to help clear a Teenage Skin while also providing education on how best to treat their skin.

Dermalogica ClearStart is a range of products specifically designed to treat teenage breakouts while also improving overall skin condition. Many teenagers make the mistake of using many products they see advertised to treat spots but sometimes these products can aggravate the concern in the long term. This is where consulting the professional skin therapist can be invaluable to discuss their skin concerns and how to get results with their products.

45 min………………………£30

Once you’ve overcome your battle with acne, it’s time for you to banish any remaining scars or marks and enjoy smoother, clearer skin.

This is the ultimate in acne management, as it targets current breakouts while helping to prevent future breakouts. With regular treatments you skin’s appearance with dramatically improve. This treatment helps congested skin, blocked pores, and

60 min………………………£75


Ion power active treatment is a professional treatment formulated to address skin conditions acne, dehydration, sensitivity and skin ageing performed by highly trained & experienced dermalogica skin specialist. The latest electrical modalities to deliver visible results from the first treatment. Recommend a course of 3 – 6 treatments.

Bring back your youthful glow with Anti-Aging Facial Treatments at Ranjeets Beauty Feltham London

45 min———————–£75

Course of 3 treatments—–£210

Course of 6 treatments—–£415

Power bright TRx

Power bright TRx is a skin brightening system that works to improve skin tone and enhance skin clarity. The system can control hyperpigmentation while focussing on improving skin health. Active peptides improves your skins brightness and balance.  It can protect the skin against elements that trigger discolouration. Recommend a course of 3 – 6 treatments

60 min —————-£75

Course of 6 treatments—-£425